Empowered Design: Power Grid Explorations

A High School Design Challenge

A program of MA STEM Week (October 19-23, 2020)

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Life may not seem normal right now, but electricity is flowing and the lights are on—thanks to the largest machine in the world - the power grid!

Empowered Design is a part of Massachusetts STEM Week programming. Our team is currently looking for schools, classrooms and educators interested in exploring the power grid and how it works through a variety of hands-on design challenges.

Using individual kits, students can engage in three mini-modules. Based on your time and circumstances, you choose which mini-modules to implement:

Design a Load

Design and build a model with lights, motors, and/or sound

Power your Load

Explore variables that influence generators. Can you build one that will power your model or town?

Make the Connection

Explore a virtual power grid and local and global power transmission technologies

This programming is designed with COVID19-related schooling in mind — whether your classroom is 100% virtual, hybrid, or all in-person.

Individual Student Kits

Engineering design kits delivered to your class

1 kit per student for safer hands-on experiences

Remote Real-Time & Asynchronous Support

Lots of optional online student programming—you can let us take the lead, or guide your class on your own

Industry professionals model for students: diverse faces & roles of STEM

1-Week Curriculum Guide & Flexible PD

5-10 hours of curriculum

Flexible implementation

Experienced PD facilitators

On call during STEM Week

All schools that participate are eligible to borrow a full Power Grid Kit to use in their classrooms at any time in the future, for up to 3 weeks. This kit is an interactive, working physical model of the power grid and includes full curricula for exploration.

If you are interested in participating, we are holding an informational webinar on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 at 7PM ET.

All programs and materials are free of charge to MA public high school teachers. Private and home schools: external funding may be available. Email support@powergridkit.com

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